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Palachuk Manuel - Core Competency Matrix
Palachuk Manuel - Core Competency Matrix

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To be successful you have to have the right people in your company and then you have to play to their strengths. Likewise you must staff the best talent possible for the core competencies that support what you sell to your clients. These two meet up in the Core Competency Matrix. Here you can set the expectations of every employee’s growth within their roles while ensuring three level deep mastery of the key technologies, tools, and, solutions you leverage for your solutions.

Use the time proven methods outlined in this whitepaper along with the Core Competency Matrix to map out your current coverage of key competencies and build a plan for propelling the company’s talent to the top along solid, well planned training paths.

There is something in the Matrix for everyone. Even a small one man shop needs to plan out how they will slowly but surely divvy up the roles that they alone currently cover, and this is the tool that will help. Laid out for easy use and with well written detailed instructions you will have every team mapped out for success in no time.

Some of the subjects covered are:
• What’s in the Matrix for me?
• How to leverage the Matrix
• Core Competency Matrix Instructions For Use
• Quick Start to Setting Talent Competencies
• Populating Competencies and Talent for Your Company
• Setting Competency Expectations
• Load Balancing
• Expanding and Modifying the Matrix

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